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Die Soda Kapseln von iSi werden zum aufsprudeln im Sodamaker Classic verwendet. 

Pro Packung sind 10 Stück enthalten. 


  • passend für alle iSi Sodageräte
  • 8,4 g reines CO2
  • Aus 100 % wiederverwertbarem Stahl
  • Einzeln elektronisch gewogen mit Füllgarantie

Bild: iSi Deutschland GmbH

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Jessica und Julian | Julian's Saftladen | Die alkoholfreie Getränkebegleitung | Fine Drink | natürlich. authentisch. intensiv.


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  • SAFTshipping

    We ship our drinks with DHL GoGreen and from an order value of 49€, even free shipping to Germany.

    Our pack sizes are 3 bottles, 6 bottles or 12 bottles. In order not to send empty packages and thus save energy, we are always happy to receive full packages. ;)

  • Juice shop meets gastro

    Of course, our drinks taste best with the right dish. That's why we're already available in some of your favorite restaurants as a non-alcoholic accompaniment to the menu.

    Do you have a restaurant, work in a hotel or do you know a bar that would like an alcohol-free alternative with taste...?!

    Then get in touch with us, we look forward to every message.